Ladder products

Ladders provide safe access to roofs, the ridge of roofs, chimneys, roof hatches and other targets that require maintenance. The ladder range also offer solutions for safe descents from balconies and upper floor rooms.

The ladders are manufactured using Finnish raw materials at Härsilä in Lapua, under very tight quality control. Our ladder range can offer solutions for both private housing and industrial construction.

The ladders are designed for diversified use. The same frames can be used in wall and roof ladders, safety ladders and side-mount ladders. In addition to the normal ladder frame, mounting accessories for the specific roof-type and purpose of use are used in the ladder.

The Pisko ladders are manufactured, using hot galvanised steel pipes. The ladders are compiled by riveting. The ladder frame material thickness is 1.25 mm.

The ladder frame materials
- Rail material: Zn 1.25 x 25 x 45 mm
- Round pipe: 1.25 x 25 mm

Access width is 400 mm.


Roof walkways

Roof walkways are used as extensions of the wall and roof ladders in order to create safe access routes to maintenance targets on the roof, such as the chimney. The roof walkways are of solid construction and highly durable and the snow will permeate them easily. The roof walkways have undergone demanding tests to achieve very high quality. The roof walkways are CE marked.

The roof walkways can be easily and smoothly extended. Safety was one of the key factors when designing the roof walkways; there are anti-slip grates in the bridge. In addition to the standard fasteners, the roof bridges are also equipped with an inclination adjustment plate. Fasteners are manufactured to all the most common roof types.

The roof walkways are manufactured, using hot galvanised steel.

- Roof walkway material: 1.25 mm Zn
- Fastener material: 2.5 mm Zn

Access width of the roof walkway is 350 mm.


Snow guards

Snow guards are used to prevent dangerous situations that may be caused by snow and ice falling from the roof. The snow guards can also protect structures installed on the roof. The snow stoppers must be used when the roof pitch is 1:8 or more. The snow guards must be positioned as close to the eaves as possible so that the load of the snow is directed towards load-bearing structures.

The snow guards are durable with a long life cycle. The snow guards and its mounting must bear a load of at least 5 kN/m in the direction of the inclined roof. The snow guards have been tested to meet the requirements of RT 85-11132 (Finland’s Building Information Foundation).

- material of the snow guards pipe: 1.25 mm, Zn, structural steel
- diameter of the snow guards pipe: 32 mm and length 3,000 mm
- material of the snow guards fasteners: 2.5 mm, Zn, steel


Safety equipment

Safety equipment are used with the ladder and roof safety products, according to the requirements of the site and to the valid building regulations. Together with the Pisko ladders and roof walkways, the safety equipment ensure safe movement in demanding maintenance sites where use of the personal safety equipment is necessary.

The safety equipment are made of hot galvanised or basin-galvanised steel. The safety equipment can also be ordered with powder paint coating in RR and RAL colour shades.

The roof walkway must be equipped with a safety rail or an open rail of at least 1,100 mm in height, if the house is over two storeys high and the roof pitch is 1:1.5 or more. When performing maintenance work on the roof, the lifeline is attached using horizontal rail or rope fastener. The rope fastener can be used on roofs, where installation of the safety rail is not appropriate.

Safety accessories to the roof walkway:

- horizontal rail system
- safety railing
- rope fastener


If the overall height of the entrance ladder is over 8 m, it must be equipped with a safety rail or back guard (The National Building Code of Finland F2). If the overall height of the ladder equipped with a back guard, exceeds 10 m, it must be equipped also with an intermediate landing (prEN 12437). The climbing distance between the landings must not exceed 6 m. For example, 18 m high ladder equipped with a back guard must have landings at heights of 6 m and 12 m.

Ladders can be equipped with an SF safety rail or back guard. The back guard is a safety accessory of the ladder system and it can be used as an alternative to the safety rail.

Safety accessories to the ladder:

- back guard
- Intermediate landing of the back guard
- SF safety rail


All roof safety equipments are available with powder paint coating.

The standard colours are light gray RR 21, gray RR 22, dark gray RR 23, red RR 29, brick red RR 750, twig green RR 11, dark brown RR 32 and black RR 33.